(Review originally written at 25 August 2010)

Seems that I just don't like this movie as much as everyone else seems to do. Don't get me wrong, I was still throughout amused by this movie, it just was not one that really ever made me laugh out loud or entertain constantly, while this was obviously the movie its intentions. The movie tries to be an humorous one in basically literally all of its scene's. Needless to say that not everything in the movie really works out and there are just a few moments that are truly funny. Add to that that the overall movie is quite slowly paced, so its sequences often really take its time to develop and to reach its funny peak.

Those moments are often the slapstick ones. You could say that this movie is being a 'modern' slapstick, that features as little dialog as possible. The psychical comedy of the movie can get funny at times, though its not ever anything too surprising or innovative.

There is not really a story in it all. It's simply about a beach-side hotel, at which some strange characters stay. Main character is Monsieur Hulot, who everybody for no apparent reason seems to hate. He is being played by director Jacques Tati himself and was a character that got featured in some later Jacques Tati comedies again. I'm still willing to give all those movies a shot though, since I was still quite amused by this whole movie. And I'm a fan of slapstick humor as well, so I'm hoping this all gets featured better in some of the other 'Monsieur Hulot' movies.

Thing is that there just isn't much to the story at all. There is no problem or big mystery that needs to be solved. No love story or no evil villainous characters. There is nothing wrong with a movie that doesn't really follow a narrative and is just basically the one comical intended sequences and situation after the other but in this case the movie just doesn't know to benefit from this approach. The movie doesn't even really constantly follow its main character at all. Added to that is it's rather slow pace of story-telling (which French movies are often known for), with as an end result an at times rather slow and lacking comedy.

Amusing to watch throughout but just not always that funny and it all gets too slowly paced, by writer, director and actor, Jacques Tati.


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