(Review originally written at 26 August 2010)

This is by no means a bad movie but I still had some big problems with it.

Problem I had with this movie was; who's side are we supposed to be on? In a nutshell it's a movie about a Russian tank crew against a bunch of Afghan Mujahedeen. Both groups don't exactly get portrayed as pleasant ones. It would had been OK if this had been a sort of realistic anti-war movie, that showed the horrors, pointlessness and madness of war and that showed there is no good and evil in war but the movie very much has a typical Hollywood action type of approach to the whole story. I actually think that Jason Patric was supposed to be the main 'hero' of the movie but he simply doesn't get featured prominently enough for that, especially not during the fist half. This to me made the movie a very distant one to watch. I couldn't care for any of the characters and I don't know what side I was supposed to cheer for.

But honestly, it's still a pleasant enough movie to watch. Not as an heavy movie with a serious massage in it but more as a simplistic action flick. The movie does certainly has its moments, though I also still think they could had done far more with its concept, action and story-wise.

The characters should had been developed way more and better. That way we might had perhaps cared some more about any of them and would had given the story and movie in general some more depth as well. It's not like they didn't had the right actors for it. The movie has some good actors in it, that are also some well known names in the business.

An entertaining enough but ultimately pointless and bland little war movie.


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