(Review originally written at 18 January 2010)

Well, with those bad later Hellraiser sequels out there I was of course expecting this 8th movie to be really bad. But no, the movie was still for most part pretty watchable, though it also was all far from great really.

Granted that the story is kind of bad. This again was also due to the fact that they actually went along with a script that originally was not even written as an Hellraiser movie. They changed some elements and threw in Pinhead again and added the word Hellraiser into the movie its title. These later Hellraiser movies pretty much had very little to do with the earlier ones anymore, except for it that they all featured Doug Bradley in it as Pinhead.

It's the sort of movie that places itself out of its own franchise. Everybody in this movie knows about Pinhead and the legacy of the cube and it all has become a quite popular thing as an internet game, which is really lame looking by the way. Why can't Hollywood ever get these Internet type of things good or realistic enough working in a movie. But anyway, it's a movie that picks a different approach and is more being like an haunted house flick, with some slasher elements added to it. Not at all what the early Hellraiser movies were all about but oh well. The concept still makes the movie for most part a watchable one, even when a lot that is happening in this movie makes no sense at all and the movie does really feature some bad and lazy writing.

Because this movie is somewhat more of a slasher, it's also more gory than the average Hellraiser movie. Perhaps they were trying to give the series a boost by letting this movie be more like the modern and more bloody type of horror movies that we have seen in the early years of the 21th century.

The movie is one of those cheap made for video movies, that got shot in Romania, purely to reduce its cost. There are quite a lot of movies out there that did this. Those movies all sort of have the same visual look in common but because this movie is set for most part indoors, it isn't as cheap or unconvincing looking as some other genre examples.

Lance Henriksen must had been thrilled that he finally could also add an Hellraiser movie to his resume. This guy has been into a lot of stuff the last few years and a lot of that stuff is being some straight to video movies as well, of which most were horrors. I still love the guy though and he pretty much can do very little wrong for me. It's always a pleasure to see him in anything.

Not a really good Hellraiser movie but as a movie on it's own it's being somewhat decent enough to watch, if you are into the genre.


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