(Review originally written at 19 January 2010)

This movie has basically every great science-fiction element in it. Granted that it's not the best ever movie but still the movie does really deserve some more attention and recognition.

The movie has a pretty good main concept, that is formulaic but well done nevertheless. It's set in the distant future, on a distant planet and has evil, constantly self-improving, robotic characters in it that are up to no good for humanity. It sounds real familiar all and yes watching "Screamers" is not the most original experience you will ever have but it all works out well nevertheless for the movie and its story and it's an overall really well done movie, that didn't even had too much of a budget to spend.

It has the rights looks and feeling for a science-fiction flick. It has some pretty good looking effects, especially when considering that this is an 1995 movie. It looks and atmosphere certainly help to make the movie work out.

Perhaps thing with this movie is that it just isn't always fast enough moving. It has a bit of a dragging middle part, when new characters suddenly get introduced but overall the movie has plenty of redeeming qualities in it to still really consider this a good and also quite enjoyable genre film.

I really liked Peter Weller in his role. I actually think that he is a pretty good actor who just however made some wrong choices in his career and got mostly stuck with playing in low grade science-fiction or horror stuff and never got the best out of his career. He's over 60-years old now, so it's hard to imaging that things will suddenly still start to improve for him.

A pretty good genre movie that is also really enjoyable to watch.


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