(Review originally written at 18 January 2010)

I'm really starting to loose interest with these Hellraiser movies. They basically have very little to do anymore with the first original movies and just pick their own paths and directions with its concept and characters. It can all work out well, just look at "Hellraiser: Inferno" but you need a much better script than this one has really.

I basically really couldn't care less about what was happening in this movie. Its story is far too messy also far from a credible one. The story is all over the place and it often simply makes no sense. The whole way the story progresses doesn't add to the mystery or tension of the movie but only just adds more to the confusion till a point that you just stop trying or care about this movie.

The movie its script initially wasn't even supposed to serve as material for an Hellraiser sequel. They made it a Hellraiser movie by adding in the box and the Pinhead character but that's about all they did really to make this movie a part of the series. It of course doesn't work that way and it's insulting to the entire series and franchise. But also as a standalone movie you can just tell that no way this story was solid or original enough to make a decent movie out of it.

Poor Doug Bradley. They keep dragging him out to do these sequels but he just gets less and less interesting to do in them.


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