(Review originally written at 17 January 2010)

Isn't it an Hollywood rule that your story should not be too mysterious, or the viewer will start loosing interest? Well, if it isn't a rule than it should really become one.

"Hellraiser: Hellseeker" is a movie that continues on in the same style and trend as the previous sequel "Hellraiser: Inferno". It's a different from the first four movies out of the series and it's more of a mystery/thriller movie. Yet the movie is far from being as good and refreshing as "Hellraiser: Hellseeker". Perhaps it was just trying a bit too hard.

Thing about this movie is that the story remains a mystery for too long. We basically don't know how much the main characters knows and what is being real and not. Then when finally things get explained and laid out for us in the end, it's just overall a disappointment. The movie doesn't really feel like a strong or clever one to keep you interested in the movie and its mystery.

What still makes this movie somewhat special in the series is the return of Ashley Laurence as Kirsty. She played the same character in the first two movies as well, for the last time way back in 1988. To be frank, the character could had been played by anyone really, for Ashley Laurence her looks have certainly changed over the years and she is hardly recognizable as the girl from the first two Hellraiser movies in this movie. I don't mean she is old or ugly in this movie, far from it, but she looks just different. I'm also wondering if it really was necessary for this movie to feature her character again.

The Pinhead character also does certainly not seem to serve a significant enough purpose in the movie. Again, he is hardly in it, which is I think also due to Doug Bradley's showing age. He already started to look kind of old in "Hellraiser: Bloodline" and it's of course not getting any better in these later movies. Not really something that first the character, since Pinhead is of course a character that is not supposed to age at all.

The movie got directed by Rick Bota, the same person who also directed the other two later sequels in the Hellraiser series. I'm just hoping those movies are a bit better but I seriously doubt it. At this point the Hellraiser series was already starting to bleed to death pretty fast. There is a remake scheduled of the original movie in 2011. Perhaps it can give the whole series a new boost again. The Pinhead character and main concept of the movies certainly deserve this.


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