(Review originally written at 12 January 2010)

At first I was like; why did you removed your name from this movie its credits Kevin Yagher? This movie is just great and certainly better than the third one and maybe even the second. I liked were the movie and its story was heading to but then it suddenly made a turn for the worse. I should had known better with a sequel that gets set in space...

Still it's far from an horrible movie and it still is actually quite a watchable one. At its first halve it does a great job at further expanding the whole Hellraiser story and universe, by digging deeper into the past. Even though this the Hellraiser movie that is set in space, it also for most part is set at the present and the 18th century. The movie is being really original with its story and it was an interesting watch.

The second halve felt far too rushed, as if they desperately wanted this movie to reach a spectacular conclusion. It simply doesn't fit the characters and the entire concept of Hellraiser to be within a spectacular movie. The more low key the movie plays things, the effective it works out.

Luckily the character Pinhead still works out better in this movie than he did in the previous one. He's back more evil Doug Bradley handles this type of dialog way better than that of the last movie, in which he really had to act more serious.

It's also a more gory movie than any of the other previous Hellraiser movies. Appereantly director Kevin Yagher shot many way more gory moments but got overruled and called back by the studio, who favored more on-screen time for the Pinhead character and pretty much did not care for much else that had to do with this movie.

A movie with a really great and interesting first halve, that almost gets entirely ruined by its rushed and far less good second halve.


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