(Review originally written at 12 January 2010)

This movie is really far from a great or interesting one but it's also a movie that starts to somewhat gets better as it progresses.

It was a great movie that they decided on not making this movie a too straight or serious one. It's a movie with some quirky and comical moments. Had they decided to play this movie straight, it would had been a real bad and ridicules B-movie, with an obviously not too high budget. The movie instead now at times is even more of a spoof than a good movie on its own really.

The movie is basically a whole bunch of many different genre movies thrown together, only made more entertaining to watch. It for most part makes "Death Machine" a pretty fun movie to watch but it also doesn't exactly surpasses the level of average.

The script, the effects, the acting, it's all being pretty average. It's all good enough but not quite enough for the movie to stand out. I can see why this movie has a sort of a steady cult following but like basically almost every cult-favorite movie, the movie itself isn't exactly anything too great itself.

It also really takes awhile for the movie to actually start off and become a good and interesting one. It wasn't about well halve way through that the movie finally really started to get my attention.

It was Stephen Norrington directing debut and he must have got some attention with it, since his next directed movie would be the blockbuster "Blade", which in all honesty is the only real true great movie he has ever directed so far.

All good and fun enough, especially when you're into the genre but also far from a great or perfect movie really.


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