(Review originally written at 20 May 2010)

It's a shame this movie is currently being rated so poorly on here. It of course by no means is a great movie but it at least is one that offers some great entertainment.

Of course this movie tried to cash in on the success of "Jaws". It doesn't only use a similar concept, it also features a similar type of style and atmosphere. This is most notable with its characters. You can really call this movie "Jaws" but then with a car, instead of a giant shark. Sounds perhaps bad and ridicules but the movie does work out on a level of entertainment. And when a movie does this, it really doesn't matter much that this movie is being a rip-off and a far from original one.

It's definitely a movie that could had been better, by adding some more excitement to it all. They could had made the car itself more threatening and mysterious perhaps, like for instance Spielberg managed to do earlier with his TV-movie "Duel". But would the movie had been just as entertaining then as it is now? Perhaps not, so I won't really complain about it.

It was also fun watching some big name actors appearing in this. I had never seen Ronny Cox without gray hair before and James Brolin is also an actor most people will now days only recognize with gray hair.

It's simply a movie that I could not help but to enjoy throughout.


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