(Review originally written at 22 November 2010)

The '60's seems to be a sort of forgotten age when it comes down to horror but it's forgotten a very good reason. Some absolutely horrible, cheap Z-grade genre movies got made during that period, that seemed to be a transition age between the B-horror monster movies from the '50's and the '70's slasher genre.

This movie is bad and lacking at about every department but yes, this luckily is one of those movies that is so silly and bad that it actually becomes entertaining. The movie will make you laugh, just because of how bad it all is, so you can still definitely get some joy out of it.

The story isn't even the biggest complain for this movie, that features some extremely poor directing and acting in it. I just couldn't believe how some of the scenes kept dragging on, for no apparent reason and how pointless and random some of the moments within this movie were. What was with all that dancing for instance. And even with those overlong and pointless sequences, the movie is still only 72 minutes short.

It's hard to take this movie very seriously, when it has such bad writing, directing and acting involved. But obvious reason for all of this was also its incredibly low budget. This is basically the biggest downfall of the movie and makes it the bad and silly product that it is. They simply didn't had any money to spend it on some decent equipment, its setting, actors and other talents involved. The movie still manages to be quite gory and some of its make-up effects were definitely good looking but when the rest of the movie is being so laughable as is the case with this movie, nothing really works out in it.

I was still entertained by it but all for the wrong reasons though.


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