(Review originally written at 23 November 2010)

In the world of porn, Vivid Entertainment is about the only company that still puts some effort and class into their productions. Serious money and time goes into them and it also pays off. They are about the best recognized company within the industry at the moment and their movies keep sweeping all of the big award shows.

And this movie is above all things a really good looking one. The cinematography and all of the images look amazing. It's not just a movie that tries to be serious with its looks but also with its story and acting.

Even though I still have no clue what the movie its story was exactly being all about, it still really deserves lots of credit for trying. It seemed to me that the movie started off alright with its story but as it progressed they totally seemed to forget about it and it only became extremely confusing and muddled. It also feels as if there are two movies in this; first you have the movie that tries to follow a story and secondly you have one that purely is all about its porn.

The director seemed to have some extreme sexual preferences, that I would imaging aren't that hot for just everybody. All of the sexual acts within this movie are being more or less the same and some more variation wouldn't had harmed the movie.

The acting is simply quite good for a movie of this sort and it seems that Belladonna actually really has some talent for it. Who knows, maybe she will be one of those porn actress that will attempt to have a 'serious' acting career one day.

Simply one fine looking and classy movie within its genre.


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