(Review originally written at 21 November 2010)

Of course this is not a great movie. What else did you expect from a movie title "Frankenhooker" and from the director of the Basket Case movies? But some movies are simply not being made to be great ones but are made merely to entertain. And that is something that this movie does very well. I was way more entertained by this movie than I ever expected to be, beforehand.

As far as I know of, this is the only movie to feature, literally, exploding hookers. It should tell you something about how this movie is like. It's a movie made in an oddball comedy style and in the same tone as for instance lots of '80's comedies and other similar type as this one, such as most notably "Re-Animator". It has the same sort of morbid and gory horror-type of comedy and if you like these type of movies you'll end up being entertained by this movie as well, guaranteed.

It's perfectly silly fun, that is being very simplistic with its story but at the same time also quite creative with all of its events. Its creativity adds to the comedy of the movie as well, since it's often being something really hilarious. This movie did definitely made me laugh and also really entertained me throughout, no matter how unbelievably silly and simplistic the movie got at times.

Don't expect too much from the horror, story or acting, since this is simply not the sort of movie that is being about any of that and it also really doesn't try to be. This is definitely a sort of movie you should be capable of enjoying it, simply for what it is.

Really much more fun and maintaining than you would probably expect.


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