(Review originally written at 8 May 2009)

All of the Guinea Pig movies are quite pointless ones but this one is a bit extreme in that sense perhaps. It really lacks a purpose and instead is an odd pile of different strange and humorous sequences, mostly involving death and gore. It sometimes work out as entertaining but more often as just plain odd and truly pointless.

It's a movie that mostly leans on its devil woman doctor, a man a drag pretending to be a doctor, who is also the binding factor of the entire movie. Within him the movie would had been a totally disjointed one. The drag queen still brings some joy to the entire movie but it's simply not quite good enough to truly uplift the movie and to make it a fully successful movie.

Because of its more comical and far less serious approach, this movie is also less extreme with its gore. It also simply goes far too over-the-top for it to let its gore work out as anything shocking or realistic. Also when you compare its effects to any of the other previous entries out of the series, this movie is surely the least.

Even though its far more comical, I just couldn't enjoy watching this movie as much as I did some of the other entries within the Japanese Guinea Pig-series.


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