(Review originally written at 8 May 2009)

This movie is kind of slow and it's also really a B-type of movie but yet the manages to be not completely horrible. It's a pretty maintaining movie that features all of the right required ingredients and also throws in some originality of its own.

Even though it is of course a quite formulaic movie they still did a pretty good job with its story. This is mostly because it picks a pretty nice approach with its killer. Problem is perhaps that the movie has too many slow and pointless moments in it and it also starts to repeat itself a bit at times. It also doesn't always handle its character well enough. Sometimes a character gets put down as a carrying main character but then he or she will suddenly disappear out of the movie again for quite some time. The movie has some difficulties finding its right balance at times.

It's a movie that has B-movie written all over it. It has a campy look and its silly '80's atmosphere and look of course also don't help much. But foremost the movie is a real B-movie with its acting. The movie has some real bad acting in it, also due to the fact that most characters are being played by inexperienced teenagers. But somehow it also really seems to fit the movie and it hardly becomes a big complaint while watching the movie. It helps to make the movie a more light and entertaining one to watch.

The movie still takes itself serious though, so the movie is no ridicules one to watch. It has swearing and gore in it but nothing that will impress the most hardened horror movie watcher too much, though it's all still good looking.

The movie tends to become a real slasher toward the end and perhaps also feels a bit rushed, since it's in contrast with its more slower first halve. It's not really a problem though, since it actually provides the movie with some good genre moments and a great ending.

Certainly watchable, especially of course if you know how to appreciate an '80's B-movie.


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