(Review originally written at 9 May 2009)

This movie isn't a very effective horror flick, due to its approach but nevertheless the movie is good enough to consider this simply a watchable one, especially for the fans of '80's slashers of course.

The biggest difference between "Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers" and its predecessor "Sleepaway Camp", that got released 5 years earlier, is that in this movie the killer is known from the first moment basically. We see her committing all of the murders, which of course takes away all of the tension and mystery the first movie still had. Nevertheless its different approach doesn't mean that this movie is any worse than its predecessor, though it also ain't exactly a better movie either. It's a typical and pretty standard genre flick, that will still please most of the fans though.

Just like the first movie, this movie foremost is a B-movie. Everything about the movie is kept pretty simple and the movie features some acting performances worthy of a B-movie.

The gore and killings are pretty nice, though its nothing too extreme. It still suits the genre fine and provides the movie with some good moments.

The movie tends to get worse though toward its ending. The ending feels far too rushed and you just loose interest in it because there is too much happening, without ever really becoming compelling. The ending sort of ruined the rest of the movie, that was still pretty decent to watch.

Nothing too memorable, just a movie that serves its purpose well enough.


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