(Review originally written at 30 October 2009)

This was a real surprisingly great entry into the Friday the 13th series. It perhaps is even better than the first and it's definitely better than any of the previous sequels to the franchise. Calling this the final chapter might seem like an odd thing though, considering that 7 more sequels got made after this one.

I don't even think they ever intended to make this the final entry into the Friday the 13th series, as its ending suggests. Seems like just another publicity trick to get people to the cinemas to see Jason in action for the 'last time'.

I have to say that this is probably one of the finest entries into the series. For it's genre it's simply a great and effective movie. It helps that the writers did more of a better job this time and didn't made this movie as simple as the previous 3 entries, that were all more or less the same story-wise.

As an horror movie it's a real good one, that knows to create the right atmosphere and tension for the movie. Jason again works out as a great horror character and he continues his horrible killing spree in this movie again with some nicely done graphic killings. For this movie Tom Savini was on board again, who also worked on the first movie from 1980 as the special makeup effects artist. The killings within this movie are more bloody and graphic again than was the case with the previous sequels.

Of course acting-wise the movie doesn't impress much. As was the case with most of the Friday the 13th movies, the movie has a real B-movie look and feel over it but it benefits from its cheap look and feel.

A greatly under-appreciated sequel!


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