(Review originally written at 30 October 2009)

Well, basically this movie is just as good, or bad if you will, as most of the Friday the 13th sequels but with as a big difference that this movie is a bit too much filled with some horrendous and just plain lame moments. Especially it's attempts at comedy are laughable, for all the wrong reasons though.

This movie meant a fresh start again for the successful horror series that started out in 1980. They tried out some different stuff for this movie, by leaving out Jason as the killer this time, though he is still present this time. The movie is perhaps more of a whodunit, though the movie itself doesn't seem to really realize this and simply goes one with its bloody killing-spree, without providing any explanation or show any logic. It already always had been a bit weird at how random Jason seemed to kill his victims but in this movie this is even more the case, since it isn't the actual Jason himself doing the killings this time but a person of flesh and blood, who has taking over the modus operandi and look of Jason Voorhees, who had died in the previous sequel.

Its killings are still pretty good and graphic looking though, so that at least should please the fans of the genre in some ways. But they also would probably be somewhat disappointed by this 'fresh' start of the Friday the 13th series. After this movie they would soon bring back Jason again for the following sequel, starting with the one year later done movie "Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI".

The characters in this movie also aren't being exactly among the best out of the series. The movie also features Tommy again from the previous movie entry, only this time as an adult. He's being a bit of a wasted opportunity in this movie though and they could had done some far more interesting stuff with his character, that could had also perhaps made him a far more interesting and important character within the entire Friday the 13th series.

A bit of a failed attempt but it does has some redeeming qualities in it for the lovers of the genre.


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