(Review originally written at 29 October 2009)

Basically when you put this movie against the first and the second movie, this movie is really more of the same and it doesn't offer much new or surprising story-wise. The movie again gets set at an abandoned camp in which a couple of youngster are being killed one by one by Jason, who for the first time puts on his hockey mask.

What makes the movie still good and enjoyable to watch at all times are its characters. The characters make the movie somewhat light and bearable and the movie obviously doesn't take itself as seriously as the previous two installments did.

As you can expect from a movie of its kind, the movie is being filled with some graphic deaths, that are nice to watch for the fans of horror and gore but of course aren't all very surprising anymore.

What I didn't really liked about this movie was the portrayal of Jason. It shows that you can not just put any actor under the mask to make his character threatening and scary. Also his look differs so much from the first two movies that it becomes quite distracting. They probably did this to avoid confusion with the Halloween movies, in which the killer has a sort of similar look and hockey mask. Jason in this movie never works out as a scary or threatening character, perhaps also because he gets featured, full frontal, in too many sequences. In the first movie there still was mystery and suspense because you never actually got to see the killer until the end. The second movie already abandoned this but it still knew to create and threatening, dangerous, murderer, that above all also had a good look, even though he was wearing a ridicules sack over his head.

It's more of the same, only in 3D this time. A watchable sequel but also one you can easily do without ever seeing.


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