(Review originally written at 10 October 2009)

This is a very original entry in the A Nightmare on Elm Street movie series, that unlike as any of its other sequels is a real stand alone movie, that picks its own approach and features a greatly written story.

It's truly due to its unusual but great story that this movie is being so original. It's a movie within a movie, that focuses around some of the cast and crew from the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street" who are being haunted by the 'real' Freddy Krueger this time. It was fun seeing Heather Langenkamp, Robert Englund and Wes Craven all playing themselves and talking about the Elm Street movies.

It's a real refreshing movie that picks a totally different approach and story this time but also a different Freddy. This Freddy is more dark and killer like. The Robert Englund Krueger from the previous was more playful with his victims. The Freddy Krueger in this movie is still being played by Robert Englund though by the way.

It's funny that all of the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies which Wes Craven had been directly involved with as a director or writer, or both, are also among the best out of the series. Craven returned for this movie as a director and it's also easily one of the better directed movies, when compared to the other sequels. The movie is greatly horror like with its approach and overall execution of things. It shows that Craven is a real expert, who's best years are perhaps long behind him but he still more than capable of directing a decent horror film, with also plenty of originality and passion for the genre to it.

As an horror movie this is simply being a good one. It also easily can be watched aside from any of the previous A Nightmare on Elm Street movies, so those who aren't familiar with any of the previous movies and are curious about this film should watch it, though it's still recommendable that you've at least seen the first 1984 movie to understand its characters and premise, as well as some of its insight information and jokes given within this movie.

An original and also great entry into the A Nightmare on Elm Street movie franchise.


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