(Review originally written at 15 March 2009)

Well, to be honest this movie was a bit of a disappointment. I'm in to the genre and always enjoy a '70's movie and the movie had an impressive cast as well but the overall movie is just not that interesting to watch. It's a bit of a waste of such a fine main concept.

Yes, this really could had been one fine supernatural thriller with lots of suspense and mystery. Instead the movie now is one filled with missed opportunities and wasted potential. Blame the script for that (written by none other than John Carpenter) that just doesn't provide the movie with much interesting or much tension. I mean you basically know from the beginning on that the movie is going to have a twist at the ending, so when it comes it's hardly a surprise or a shock anymore. Besides it's rather weak and thin, as is the entire movie its story basically.

The movie could had also really used a bit more '70's style. Guess Irvin Kershner is a bit of a too old fashioned director to include some experimental '70's oddities, though it could had really uplifted the movie with that particular style.

When you look at the cast list you will be rather impressed. However most of the actors (Tommy Lee Jones, Brad Dourif, Rene Auberjonois, Raul Julia) weren't any big stars yet at the time of this movie and most of them still stood at the beginning of their career. Now days the cast list looks far more impressing than it did back in 1978. Faye Dunaway is the star of the movie and she shines as the female lead.

As far as the genre- and '70's movies in general are concerned, this movie isn't among the best. It's still a perfectly watchable movie but not halve as good or interesting as it concept could had allowed it to become.


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