(Review originally written at 15 March 2009)

Compared to the first movie, this is is considerably better. It's done far more professional and has a better visual look over it, making this movie more convincing and compelling to watch than the first movie from the Za ginipiggu-series. This movie really looks- and is made like a movie, rather than a cheap and lame snuff-wannabee.

The concept remains the same though; A young woman is being kidnapped and held captive, with the pure purpose to torture her in as many different ways as imaginable.

It's a rather graphic and gory movie, with some convincing effects but unfortunately not so convincing sound effects. Sometimes the sound effects are unintentionally hilarious, which does take away some of the power of the movie its visuals.

Of course it's a totally pointless sadistic gory shocker but the fans of gore simply don't need more. The movie for them will be a memorable and 'enjoyable' experience.

The movie is quite short and also the torturing itself is ended pretty quickly when the torturer simply decides to switch over to dismembering his victim pretty early on. The movie could had worked out more interesting and intriguing had it been a bit longer and taken some more time to build up to its 'climax'.

Better than the first one but still a pretty pointless movie to watch.


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