(Review originally written at 14 March 2009)

Was this movie perhaps supposed to be a parody of those silly Italian horror movies from the '70's and mostly '80's? Sure looks like it to me. It has the same sort of style and also silliness over it. Fans of that genre will surely be able to appreciate this movie.

This is really one crazy movie that goes over the top with mainly its silliness. Its silliness also ensures that this movie never truly reaches the level of greatness but at the same time it also makes this a very entertaining movie to watch. You can say that the movie its silliness is both reason of its success and of its downfall.

Unfortunately the movie also tends to get a bit worse as it progresses. It looses some of its flair after a while, also due to its rather poor and simplistic story that just isn't heading into the best direction at times. The movie at the start showed far more potential. It's not like the movie totally disappointed but at the same time it also could had been a far better one if only the second halve of the movie would had been more like the first one. The second halve is just far less interesting and it doesn't always pick the best character to follow through the story.

It's a movie that features some gore as well as nudity (the main character is a serial rapist and killer) but overall it's not all as much as the first halve hour or so of the movie would suggest. It turns into a quite tame movie that perhaps also picks a too 'serious' approach for its movie in the end. Like I said before, it's a bit of a waste.

Guess not all people will be able to appreciate this movie and its style but those who are a bit familiar with the similar type of Italian movies from the '70's and especially '80's will surely enjoy watching this movie. They will take this movie simply for what it is; a simple enjoyable guilty pleasure, that is not the best but also certainly not the worst movie to watch out there.


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