(Review originally written at 30 December 2008)

Basically this movie doesn't have one good idea of its own and that's why it 'borrows' much from other movies but it doesn't do this very good or effectively.

Main problem with this movie is that it picks a strange approach with its story. What could and should had been a cyborg action flick is now an adventure movie through the jungle, without ever becoming a good, tense or exciting one to watch. The movie is basically constantly more of the same, when new characters emerge, who for some reason want to see our main heroes dead. The story picks just such an interesting and uninspired approach. It's main premise still lets the movie sound good but the actual end result is simply a failure. It just isn't the best going movie.

The movie makes some strange twists and turns in an attempt to give the movie an adventurous and perhaps even an epic kind of feeling over it. Needless to say they failed miserably.

The movie has some silly futuristic gadgets and futuristic images in it, like you could only expect from a silly '80s flick. Of course all of its special effects aren't quite top-notch looking yet but I have to admit that for 1986 standards it simply is not too bad.

I think this movie its intentions were quite serious but however the end result of course is nothing but a typical '80's B-movie and not a very good one either. It's one with a bad cast and crew involved. The music is dreadful and doesn't even sound like it got written for this movie at all. All of the other production values are all also really lacking. Same can be said for the script, that also doesn't really feature the best dialog imaginable.

So even though they aren't being helped with a good script or dialog, also the actors themselves are bad and lacking in their skills. Guess they just went along with the cheapest actors available at the moment.

Perhaps the movie would had still been better to watch with some more action in it. Instead now all we are having are same lame small attempts at action and also lacks a nice spectacular and memorable finale. The movie lacks 2 or 3 real big action sequences, that could had really spiced up things a little.

This movie unfortunately makes a lot of wrong choices.


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