(Review originally written at 27 December 2008)

This is a rather simplistic movie but hat at the same time is also the reason why the movie is a fun one to watch. The movie obviously wasn't made to impress or to let its script win any awards but it got made to simply bring some entertainment and it doesn't fail at bringing some nice enjoyable entertainment.

Germans aren't really known for their great humor but this movie is pretty fun to watch. It's classy, fast comedy, that isn't hilarious but is at all times pleasant. The kind of movie that puts a smile on your face, no matter how simplistic and formulaic it all is.

It also is filled with some cameo's from some very famous German individuals, like Claudia Schiffer and Boris Becker as themselves, which adds to the whole fun of the movie.

The movie is like a modern retelling of the German folk legend of Faust, in which Faust sells his soul to the devilish Mephisto in return for youth. Things are changed around a bit in the story of course and characters and plot lines are changed. Yes, you can say that this movie has actually very little to do with the old folk legend, instead for the fact that it uses the same main concept and the names of the two main, most important characters.

The fact however that the Mephisto II character slowly develops into a homosexual, who feels attracted to Frank Faust isn't exactly a sign of good taste or subtlety but German movies often feature this kind of odd and pointless story developments. It's also after this point that the movie starts to get worse. It becomes unlikely, as well as annoying, since the story becomes so dreadful and doesn't show good taste. Too bad, because if the rest of the movie was just as fun and entertaining to watch as its first halve this would had really been a simple recommendable little movie. Now it's quite the contrary actually because of this poor and wrong, painful, tasteless story development.

In the end it's sadly nothing more than a tasteless homophobic German production.


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