(Review originally written at 31 December 2008)

To me this movie just seemed like a cheap way to gross out its viewers. It uses basically every disgusting, vulgar element you can expect but without serving a purpose or making a point really.

Central in this movie are some sick characters who like everything that has to do with death, including having sex with a corpse. The movie thinks that this all is enough. It's enough to gross you out but it certainly is not enough to keep you interested throughout. Especially not since the movie is a rather slow one, that takes its time to build up with its sequences but without developing a real good story really.

The movie is not only cheap in the way it tries to achieve things but it's also literally cheap in the way it's looking. The movie its look reminds you more of an amateur movie than a professional one really. But worse are perhaps the movie its actors.

There is some serious bad acting in this movie. Luckily the movie wisely decided to give its actors as less lines as possible, in an attempt to conceal the lacking skills of the movie its actors.

It just seemed like a real lame and pointless movie to me.


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