(Review originally written at 27 February 2010)

Thing about slapstick movies is that they are being extremely creative productions. They are not only being creative with its comedy but also with its effects.

This is a Ben Turpin slapstick movie, who is better known as just the crossed-eyed comedian. Funny, or tragic thing about him is that he wasn't born crossed-eyed but became one after he had played crossed-eyed character in a stage production. His eyes just never slipped back right. But his 'disability' was what made him famous, popular and distinctive once he started playing comical roles in early movie productions. He began his career really early in the 20th century, so this movie is actually one of his later works.

I must say this movie is really one of the more fun slapstick productions from the '20's. Its paced very fast and of course the movie mostly consists out of the one crazy and funny event after the other. But basically all of these scenes are funny and they really have some good and also original laughs in them.

Still the whole bit with the television-outfit was a bit ridicules and far fetched, even for a slapstick movie. Nevertheless interesting to note that television already was a known and used word in 1928, though I of course highly doubt that the television outfit as presented in this movie actually ever exist.

Simply a fun and creative slapstick that is worth searching out for the lovers of the genre.


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