(Review originally written at 24 August 2010)

It's hard to say anything useful about this movie. It's just one of those '60's B-horrors that can't even be really regarded as a real movie because it does basically everything wrong.

In all honesty, the concept still could had worked out. It would had never made a great movie but at least it showed some potential of a decent and fun genre film. But all of this got simply wasted. The movie very often doesn't even make sense, due to the extremely messy way the story gets told in. It's a good thing that Joseph V. Mascelli never attempted to direct a movie again, after this one. Same goes for most of the cast, who never appeared in a film-role again after this movie.

It's a very cheap movie with a real offbeat pace. There is basically too little happening in the movie and when there is something happening you'll have an hard time trying to understand it because it all gets presented so incredibly bad and confusing. Also none of the characters ever work out, due to this. It's funny to see how the girls keep doing their shores, from the first day on, even though they figure out soon that something is terribly wrong in the house. They however never really make any attempts to get out of the situation or try to figure out what mysterious things are happening and why.

I could go on about what this movie does wrong but it would simply also suffice to say that the movie simply does nothing right at all.


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