(Review originally written at 25 April 2009)

This movie obviously was a very cheap movie to make. It was made by a small studio that made mostly small-budget B-movies and it's starring a bunch of unknown actors. The low budget can definitely be seem back in the movie. Visually and technically it's all quite cheap looking. The entire movie got shot in six days and mostly at just two locations. In other words, this movie has everything in it to NOT be a great movie. Yet the movie is still a very maintaining film-noir, that features all of the right ingredients and on top of it has a great, simple yet effective, story.

The movie begins simple but of course the plot starts to thicken fast when the main character gets into more and more trouble, following a small 'innocent' incident. he starts to make wrong decisions. It's a typical film-noir that has basically all of the right required ingredients in it. One of those ingredients, that the movie is really lucky with, is its femme fatale, played by Ann Savage.

The movie really takes off the moment Ann Savage steps onto the screen. She really is great in her role, which can't always be said about any of the other actors within the movie. Not like that is really the actor's fault though, since like mentioned before this movie got shot in only six days time, so circumstances must have been far from ideal for them.

The movie is quite short with its 67 minutes of running time but it still manages to tell a entire story, with character build up, twists and basically everything else you could expect from a genre movie made during the '40's. It's also a movie that gets basically better by the minute.

An unexpected and unlikely good movie.


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