(Review originally written at 25 April 2009)

This is one of those typical violence filled Hong Kong movies, that is about a taxi driver on a killing spree and features lots of gore and profanities. It takes you into the mind of the serial killer and shows how he got to his deeds. As an Hong Kong genre movie this one is pretty good and it features some nice storytelling.

The movie isn't being told chronologically, which seems a bit redundant and perhaps even annoying at first but as the movie progresses it becomes obvious that this way and style of storytelling was the best one to pick for this movie. The gore and killings are only being shown in the second halve of the movie, when we've already met the movie its serial killer. He seems like a normal guy but as the movie progresses it becomes more and more obvious what a sick man he actually is beneath the surface. It's of course also thanks due to Simon Yam's acting performance that his character- and therefore also its storytelling works out.

It's a pretty effective and intriguing character study of a seemingly normal person, who is fed up with the society, as he sees it from his cab night in, night out. It's obvious that this movie got somewhat inspired by Scorcese's "Taxi Driver" but don't worry, the movie as a whole is quite different really and more a typical Hong Kong movie than a "Taxi Driver"-wannabe/rip-off.

It of course features lot of typical Hong Kong movie humor and violence and gore, that is a bit over-the-top. Guess some people might find it disturbing and tasteless but those who are able to appreciate a good typical genre movie like this will not be disappointed by the movie.


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