(Review originally written at 25 April 2009)

This movie is really pleasant to watch. It's a Japanes anime that isn't set in a strange or futuristic world but still has the very same magic and charm of basically any other Hayao Miyazaki. It's also just as imaginative and adventurous.

The movie has actually a very simple concept and story of a young witch-girl leaving home to find a town for her own to live in, like is customary for a with of her age. What follows is a movie filled with some adventures situations, really likable characters and a coming-of-age story.

Yes, the movie can perhaps foremost be seen as a coming-of-age story, since the young girl struggles with fitting in, being happy and of course love. It's not a movie that has a villain in it but instead focuses purely on its main character and all of her struggles and small adventures. The movie is set at a real charming place, that perhaps reminded me the most of France. Also the style of the movie and its story, as well as its music, seemed to have some France movie influences in it. All of the events that happen within this movie are actually quite little and seem insignificant but yet you're fully drawn into it. It's pure movie magic!

What of course helps to make the movie so charming, next to its settings and sweet little story, are its characters. The movie has some really likable and foremost simple characters. Especially the black cat as the movie its comical relief is just great. At first I thought; Oh no, not another talking animal! But he really made the movie real hilarious at times.

The animation was also great looking. It was detailed in basically all parts and aspects and the character movements went fluently, something that just isn't always the case within a Japanese anime. I especially liked the way the entire town got portrayed. It made the entire place seem like such a great place and truly as a place you wanted to visit or perhaps even life in.

A great movie for all ages!


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