(Review originally written at 2 November 2010)

You can't even really call this movie a remake of the American porno chic movie "The Devil in Miss Jones" because this movie basically follows an entirely different story. It makes you wonder if the Swiss film-makers had actually even seen the original movie, or if they just simply quickly wanted to cash in on the success of it. This seems like the most likely explanation.

The original "The Devil in Miss Jones" was a stylish movie but it at the same time was also still a real hardcore porn-flick. This movie is however soft-core and I mean really soft-core. It mostly consists out of females touching themselves, at not even erogenous zones, or having sex with males, without having obvious real sex. Soft-core porn movies often only imply stuff but this movie doesn't even do that. It shows everything, which is nothing. I'm not a big fan of soft-core porn in general but this one is even worse than the average attempt and only annoys me even more.

The German dubbing of the movie is pretty funny, mainly because they just don't know when to keep their mouth shut. This movie has talking throughout and especially during its 'sex sequences'. And often the stuff they are saying is in big contrast with what is actually happening on the screen. It makes the sex sequences even more dreadful to watch.

It's story is also annoyingly bad and I think I could say that this movie would had bugged me less if it simply followed no story at all.

It's not a movie with a big cast. It only features two girls and a bunch of old, ugly looking guys. Seriously, there is nothing attractive about seeing an old fat guy having his way with a young beautiful girl. It must be a Swiss thing perhaps.

The movie dates back from the days that they actually still spend some time and effort on the movie its look. It has some decent settings and the directing also gets quite creative at times, which is really the only positive thing I can say about this movie.

Annoying genre attempt and you're really better off watching the American movie version.


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