(Review originally written at 2 November 2010)

As far as teenage comedies go, the American Pie movies always had been among the best. The first movies actually were genre redefining at its time. Now 7 years after this first movie 5th movie out of the series. It doesn't feature any of the original characters anymore, besides Mr. Levenstein, and it's the second one out of the 'American Pie Presents' movies, that basically don't feature any continuation with any of the previous movies. Nothing wrong with this but there is still an awful lot wrong with this movie.

To be honest, I still sort of liked watching this movie during its first half, even though the movie was already an incredibly immature and simple one. But the movie turned absolutely horrible once the events surrounding 'the naked mile' kick in. How incredibly 'wrong' and simplistic, immature and not funny the movie gets around that point. I was seeing a lot of stuff that I just never want to witness again. You would think that one erection joke would be more than enough but they just can't stop with it and really crosses the line with some incredibly stupid and far from ever likely scenes.

Of course all of the American Pie movies are basically being very immature once, since basically all that they are about is getting sex. But at least all of the previous films still had some likable characters in it and even some good writing, that made the movies some incredibly funny ones. This movie does not have one clever joke in it and everything seems either incredibly simple or insanely stupid beyond belief. They even managed to mess up Eugene Levy's role in this. He always was one of the highlights, in basically all of the other previous movies but his appearance in this seems to be shoe-horned in and feels very forced and out of place. He therefore isn't even a fun character in this one.

Now, I can understand that there still is a right audience for this. I can see how some young teenagers find some of the events in this movie funny. And granted, there are really some funny moments and lines in this movie. But it still is a very 'wrong' movie, that is being incredibly immature and it's not even being very clever or creative with it. This movie is not halve as good as any of the previous movies and yes, I'm even counting in "American Pie Presents Band Camp".


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