(Review originally written at 1 November 2010)

A movie with killer sheep in it. How can you go wrong with this? Well, it's not like they messed things up, they just however did far too little with its main premise.

Thing you can blame the movie mostly for is the approach it's taking with things. Obviously they went for a more comical approach with the movie but however problem is; the movie just isn't very funny. It has some very simple comedy in it, which just isn't being very clever, original or even really funny. The movie has far too little else going besides its comedy. Horror-wise you can't even take this movie seriously at all, just like the film-makers also didn't take this project very serious.

The writers came up with far too little original, surprising or funny. It's what makes this movie a very flat and formulaic viewing experience. This is a very disappointing aspect about this movie, especially when considering its promising premise. If only the movie either would had been more fun or more scary and gory, this would had been a real great movie to watch.

Yes, the movie does has gore but it often seems more to be put in there for its comedy-effect. I actually think the movie could had still been an effective horror, as weird as that may sound, if only they had used its killer sheep more original and effective. It's actually a quite scary sight seeing a whole bunch of sheep stampede down a hill but as soon as the sheep attack, the real sheep are being replaced by some obvious hand-puppets. All of the scene's with the real sheep are just great and they must have had some real great animal trainers in involved with this movie but all of the moments with the fake sheep just aren't solid and convincing enough.

It obviously wasn't a very expensive movie and this at times can also be seen back in some of the movie its more clumsy moments, or perhaps this was also due to the inexperienced director Jonathan King, who also didn't got the best out of his actors. It's acting, stupid dialog and not likable enough characters are also all reasons why this movie doesn't work out as well as the movie potentially really could had.

Still watchable, mostly still due to its main premise but it just isn't the fun or great, original movie you perhaps expect it to be, after reading its title or seeing the cover.


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