(Review originally written at 16 March 2010)

Even though the movie failed to really make a lasting impression or connect to me with its story, it's still a really well made movie about historical events, involving the German terrorist group, The Red Army Faction (RAF).

Yes, it's a real great movie, with a big budget to spend. What I mostly liked was the movie its look. The movie is for most part being set in the '70's and the movie does a great job at recreating this period, down to the smallest details. It's a movie with a great gritty feeling and atmosphere over it.

I also appreciated how straight-forward the movie was. I mean the action and violence can be pretty shocking to watch at times because of the reason how realistically it's all looking.

Still for me, I couldn't really sympathize for the movie its characters and the actions and therefore I never felt really involved with the movie its story. I mean, it's a movie about a very violent terrorist group, that murdered quite some people, for their cause. To get their way and to get their voice heard they did all kinds of violent and shocking stuff, that terrorized Germany and part of the world for most part of the '70's.

Thing also is, this movie tries to tell a story about something that went on for years. Granted that the movie is quite long but there is of course no way that you can put years of history in 2 and an halve hours of cinema. Because of this the entire story gets rushed and you aren't ever given an opportunity to let things sink in for a while. It's the reason for me why the movie felt quite distant. You'll also have an hard time keeping track on things, since there are lots of characters and there isn't really one on which the movie puts its main focus constantly. Guess they also did this to remain sort of neutral toward the whole situation but it can really work confusing at times and makes the whole movie also a bit tiresome.

But however because of the way how the entire movie got made, I just couldn't hate watching this movie. It's obviously a real accomplishment within German cinema and also quite a daring project, with its controversial subject.


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