(Review originally written at 16 March 2010)

Compare this to most stuff that was being filmed in the early 20th century and there is no way denying it that this movie is quite a superior one.

You can say what you want about D.W. Griffith but he was one great film-maker that was a pioneer as well with his early movies. He is best known for he's epic and very long movies but of course he made some shorts ones as well, as was more custom for its time. This is one of his short movies, that runs just over 10 minutes.

What is especially great about this movie is the way it's set up. The movie has some great camera-angles, that capture everything in a compelling way. It's also a pretty fast moving picture, due to its editing pace.

As far as silent movies from the early 20th century go, this movie also has some real great writing. Yes, it's a short story of course but all of the sequences seem very well written and make the movie as a whole such a great and compelling one. It is of course also due to the fact how D.W. Griffith builds up its story toward the end that makes this movie such a good watch, even though the movie is over an 100-years old already.

A great short movie from the early days of motion picture film-making.


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