(Review originally written at 10 October 2008)

This has got to be one of the best written Columbo episodes. Not that it's more clever than others (but it's not stupid either) but it's just more layered. Because of this, this Columbo movie entry can also be seen as one that doesn't stick necessarily purely just to the usual formula.

It's a surprising thing that this episode was written by Peter Falk himself. Amazing since he had never written a screenplay in his life before (at least not one that got turned into a movie) and it as of yet is also the last and only one he ever penned down. I guess starring in so many Columbo movies makes you an expert on police thrillers and Peter Falk one day decided to write down some of his own ideas. The result is a more personal Columbo movie, in which we get to see a more personal side (do we?) of the Lieutenant when he apparently falls for the charms of a young(er) beautiful woman, who however also happens to be the suspect in a murder case.

It's perhaps also a movie that moves along a bit slower than the usual Columbo movie entry. This is because the movie also focuses more on its characters, instead of just purely its murder plot. Still the movie itself also features some nice twists and other clever detective movie aspects. The lover of this genre will surely enjoy this movie even if that person isn't familiar with 'Columbo'.

Another nice thing about this movie is that is stars Faye Dunaway, who of course is a big star, especially back in those days. She plays a good role. We as the viewers knows what she is doing and that she is manipulating but yet we still care for- and appreciate the character, which is really thanks to Dunaway's performance. It's great to see her in the sequences together with Peter Falk. There was some good movie chemistry there.

A better- and slightly different than usual Columbo movie.


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