(Review originally written at 10 October 2008)

I can't believe how much I was entertained by this movie. It had seen several different Italian zombie flicks before that got made around the same time period but non of them were really anything too great or memorable, apart from some explicit gory moments. They all were however in a way quite lame and simplistic obvious low-budget productions. Actually just like this movie is but yet somehow "Incubo sulla città contaminata" works out more entertaining than the usual Italian zombie flick does.

Perhaps its because of the settings Zombie movies are normally only set at remote locations or more restrained locations, such as a shopping mall. Very rarely they actually get set in the middle of a big city and at so many different other locations. Basically the entire movie is about a group of mutated zombies on a killing spree, running from the one place to another. The opening sequence in which they jump out of landed plane on the airfield and start their rampage is totally great in a cheesy kind of way and illustrative of how the entire movie is like.

It's a movie with some very poor looking make-up effects and gore (though I've seen worse in other genre movies). It's obviously a movie that had a fairly low budget to work with. Yes, perhaps the movie is so bad at times that it becomes laughable and therefore also terribly fun to watch. If in a way is of course always funny to watch an exploitation flick from the '70's and '80's. This movie is a real example of an exploitation movie. It features gore (though the movie is perhaps not as gory as some of its genre movies) and also nudity. I don't know it could be just me but I find it quite hilarious seeing a woman with her breasts out hanging running from a couple of murderous zombies. It's so totally random and a great minor example of how exploitation flicks from the '70's and especially early '80's were like.

When the movie has sequences without its zombies, it tends to be a rather slow and dull one, since the movie doesn't really feature any great or likable main characters but luckily there aren't too many moments which doesn't feature its killer mutated zombies.

Luckily the movie is mostly action filled. It features zombies against unarmed civilians, as well as zombies versus the military. Still yet somehow the zombies always come out strongest, while all they are mostly carrying are knives, axes and sharp teeth.

Really one of the better- and definitely one enjoyable Italian zombie movie flick, from Umberto Lenzi.


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