(Review originally written at 10 October 2008)

Seriously, this movie has basically very little to do with the movie "C.H.U.D." from 1984. Biggest difference is that "C.H.U.D." took itself serious as an horror movie, while "C.H.U.D. II - Bud the Chud" is more fun and obviously a movie that you simply shouldn't take serious. It's typical '80's cheese but it's tasty. It's silly and enjoyable, the perfect movie to kill some time with if you want some simple silly fun. The movie is really not halve as bad as everyone says it is.

Instead of featuring cannibalistic underground humanoid dwellers this movie features more zombie like creatures, which of course makes this a totally different movie to watch.

It's actually a real ridicules movie, that features a real simplistic story but it becomes all the more fun because of that. The fact that the movie doesn't take itself too seriously can be seen back at it at times idiotic humor, which becomes quite hilarious actually at times. The movie also features some nice comical dialog from time to time.

Also the fun B-movie performances from the movie its actors make this movie a fun one to watch. Robert Vaughn definitely seemed to realize in what for a mess he got stuck in. He plays his character over-the-top and humorously. His performances often had something witty but always with class. In this movie he isn't holding back however and his performance can be seen as a full-blood comedy performance.

If your able to appreciate some silly B-horror movie '80's cheese, this is a perfect movie for you.


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