(Review originally written at 6 November 2009)

This movie sucks you right into the mind of a schizophrenic person and takes you on a roller-coaster ride, that for hims is called his average normal life.

"Clean, Shaven" is a low budget movie but also one with the qualities of a big picture. Had the movie been one that was directed by a better known person and had starred a big name as the main lead but had been in its quality exactly the same, the movie would had been of course a far better known and also way more appreciated one.

It's a movie that deserves some more recognition, fore "Clean, Shaven" is simply a movie that got done very well. The movie does a great job at telling the story mostly from the schizophrenic point of view and you experience basically what his experiencing. This movie is probably as close as you will get at experiencing what it is to be schizophrenic, unless you really have schizophrenia yourself of course.

The movie also has a main plot line but in all honesty that just didn't always seemed important and relevant to me. For me the movie could had basically been about everything and would had been just as good. "Clean, Shaven" is simply just a movie that is all about the experience and you are being sucked right into it from the start.

The movie only stars some unknown small time actors but you really have to give Peter Greene all the credit for doing such an awesome job with his character. Perhaps is performance is also 'thanks' to the heroic addiction he suffered years from.

A great, powerful and effective movie experience!


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