(Review originally written at 5 November 2009)

You know, of some movies I really think that they are only being regarded as good and classic because they are simply old. "Deadly Is the Female" is such a movie. It's not that it's a bad movie of course, it's just an average one.

It's ridicules to call this movie a film-noir, just because it has a dangerous woman in it. This movie has nothing to do with the film-noir genre really and the movie is also overall far too light for that. It's a movie that is lacking in real atmosphere, which makes it also hard to label this movie under one particular genre. Seems to me, judging by this movie, that director Joseph H. Lewis just wasn't the best one around.

The story just isn't always convincing enough though it at the same time is also the story that still make this a good and interesting one to watch. The movie is sort of Bonnie and Clyde with 2 carnival people who know how to handle a gun. What is not convincing about it is how the guy just goes along so easy with the girl, that is far more out of control than he is. He seems like an honest and friendly guy so it's often hard to believe that he is okay with doing all those criminal and potential dangerous activities. Still its a sort of story that works on multiple levels, as a drama, a romantic one and a crime movie.

By the looks of it, this really wasn't a movie that cost a lot of money to make. The movie does deserve some credit for that. The movie is definitely better than this sort of budget would normally allow.

The movie doesn't has the biggest of stars in it but despite the fact that Peggy Cummins and John Dall don't have a lot of chemistry together, the actors still a did a good job with their roles.

A good movie but not as great as its current reputation would suggest.


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