(Review originally written at 6 November 2009)

Seems weird though to already make a remake, only 10 years after the original This movie is being based on the 1943 movie "Sahara", which starred Humphrey Bogart in the main lead. That movie in return though was also a remake of the 1937 Soviet production "Trinadtsat". All that these three movies have in common are of course that they feature the same story and main premise but also feature different settings and groups of people. The 1937 version had Soviet soldiers, set in the Asian wastelands, the 1943 had American soldiers in the Sahara desert, during WW II and this version features a couple of American soldiers as well, only set in the late 19th century in the wild west.

It's funny that this movie also stars Lloyd Bridges again, who had also starred previously before in the 1943 movie "Sahara". This time he plays a more grateful role though. Also the Oscar winner Broderick Craword plays in this movie, as its main lead. Not that he impresses much though and nor does any of the other actors really. This has more to do with the script that is lacking in some good dialog. Also the characters just don't ever work out well in the movie. The movie obviously didn't cost a lot of money to make and it's also really a bit clumsily and cheap looking at times, especially when you compare it the black & white movie of 10 years earlier.

Still it's a fair enough and entertaining movie to watch. You can say that the movie serves it's purpose but you just feel that they just didn't do the best possible with its source material. Still its main concept remains what makes this movie a good and also quite entertaining one to watch.

The movie has plenty of action in it, though it also feels after a while that the movie starts repeating itself with its moments at times. Some of the moments also feel like they were put in just for the sake of having some action in the movie.

A good enough remake of a remake.


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