(Review originally written at 12 February 2010)

The Children of the Corn-series is one of the rare series to feature all new different characters in all of its movies. "Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return" is the only exception to this, since it again features John Franklin, who also starred in the first movie, made 15 years earlier.

Guess that John Franklin needed the money or the attention, since he also is the one that actually wrote the story for this movie. Basically all of the Children of the Corn sequels are pointless, this one included, since they add very little to this very average horror-series, originally written by Stephen King.

I like the movie for providing it with a more modern look and feel to it. It makes the atmosphere more horror like than perhaps any of the other Children of the Corn movies but yet the movie is not very horror like. The movie is far too much of a lackluster for that. I wished more would be exactly happening in this movie, instead of focusing more on its messy story. The story is all over the place really and it tries to throw in to many twists and surprises, until you reach the point that you simply do not care anymore about anything that is happening in the movie.

A bad movie and entry in the series.


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