(Review originally written at 19 February 2010)

In its sort this is simply a good movie. Still not really my cup of tea though, I'll admit.

This movie is like a filmed stage-play. It's set at only one location and the entire movie only features 3 characters in it. This of course means that the movie gets entirely driven by its characters and dialog. It's a small and independent movie, that nevertheless still had some big name actors involved with it.

Movies like this, that are basically just filmed stage-plays, don't work out much normally. It's not really hard to see why. The movies are slow and they tend to drag with its overlong dialog. Besides there are very little things you can do, movie technically-wise, with a story that is set at only one location. You can tell that the director tried to make the movie more dynamic and lively by putting in some unusual camera-work that however to me only worked out annoying and distracting, as often would be the case with an independent movie that's all too aware of itself.

This movie also does really start offs slow and also sort of uninteresting. At first it seems nice how these characters are talking and interacting with each other, which seems realistic at all but it also gets tiresome pretty fast, also since the dialog is basically going nowhere. I don't think I have ever heard the word 'why?' uttered so much in a movie. Nevertheless, once the movie gets over its slow point and the whole point of the movie its story starts to become more obvious, the movie itself becomes a far more interesting and also really better one to watch. The story does not disappoint, even though it of course is all being kept very small and simple. It's simply an effective movie at what it tries to be- and to achieve with it.

A good movie within its sort.


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