(Review originally written at 21 February 2010)

I have seen my fair share of musical movies and even though it's not my favorite genre I can say with certainty that I still really enjoyed watching this movie and is therefore among the more entertaining ones that I have ever seen.

Not only is this movie a modern take on the novel and opera 'Carmen' but it also is one that has a completely Afro-American cast. This gives the story a whole new different attitude and it brings certainly live to the whole movie and story.

It's an 1954 movie but let me tell you that the movie feels a lot more modern than that. If you would had told me that this movie was from 1974 I would had certainly believed it. It's not just because of the approach that the movie feels way more modern but also really because of its fine visual looks.

As far as the musics goes, an important aspect within a musical movie of course, I also must say that I quite liked it, even though it was certainly weird seeing how basically every singing bit of the movie got dubbed by an obviously totally different person, that sounds really nothing like the actor who is playing the character.

In this movie you could had real easily hated the Carmen character, fore she is one that is a real tease with men, steals boyfriends from other women and every now and then applies some manipulation, with her sexual and sensual powers. Yet you far from hate her, for which most credit really needs to go to the actress portraying her, Dorothy Dandridge, who also even received an Oscar nomination for her role in this movie.

But at the same time there also is not really anything that makes this movie stand out as a truly excellent one. It's production values obviously weren't too high and the movie feels a bit static and simplistic at times. Nevertheless, I simply enjoyed watching this movie and that is what counts the most.


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