(Review originally written at 20 February 2010)

Even though the story was pretty much going nowhere, it at least was still all more exciting than the first movie, which is the foremost and perhaps only reason why this movie is a better one to watch than its predecessor.

The movie has such a simple concept, that is yet so awesome. The concept of having returned from the grave, blind, zombie-moving, Templar knights, randomly killing people, makes this simply a great genre movie. The first movie did far too less with its potentially awesome concept but luckily they learned from this and made "El ataque de los muertos sin ojos" more of an exciting one. There is more action and killing happening in this movie, which should please the genre fans way more than the first movie did.

It's a movie that got made by basically the same crew as the first one, that must had been a somewhat big hit at the time, since a total of 3 sequels, of which this is the first, got made. It's also a movie that got done in basically the same style and features the same sort of style and effects as the first movie. So still a lot of shots of the Templar knight riding around with their horses in slow-motion in this one and also the same creepy awesome music again. It's part of the reason why some people consider this movie a rehash of the first movie but in truth it's a better made one, with more thrills and excitement to it. It makes the movie a very entertaining one, if you are into these type of movies.

The movie also tells a bit more about the back-story of the Templar knights, though not more than was the case in the first movie. At least this movie does tell how the Templar knights ended up getting blind in the first place, which was still something I still was a bit puzzled about during the first movie.

A more than worthy sequel.


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