(Review originally written at 24 February 2010)

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I don't read it anywhere but I'm pretty sure of it that one of this movie its biggest influences was "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", in which a woman teaches seven men, who still behave like boys, good manners and how to behave and how to find themselves a good woman. There are even some clear scene-references to the Disney classic.

The story does at times takes a bit of a weird approach and has some odd values in it. Can't really say it's always very respectful toward women and the entire idea of abducting the girl that you like, in the hope she'll marry you, just seems totally wrong and ridicules. The most women in this movie really get portrayed as some helpless naives ones, that easily can be charmed into marriage. The boys in return get portrayed as tough, ruthless and mindless. Not really the most correct characters in this movie.

But the movie remains one with some real charm to it. For a genre movie it definitely has some good and memorable songs in it and some dance routines. It provides the movie with its fun and charm.

The movie got shot at a stage and is therefore quite cheap looking with its painted backdrops and such but this as well sort of really adds to the charm of the movie. I'm really not too sure about it f this movie would had been just as good and fun to watch with lets say a bigger budget and if it got shot at location.

Really far from a great movie but it's a strangely charming one.


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