(Review originally written at 9 November 2010)

Because the medium of film and just film-making in general was still something obviously mostly new in 1906, there were less rules to go by, which allowed the movie to be very creative and also innovative of its own. This is why these old movies from the earliest days of cinema are often such an interesting watch.

And this movie is truly being a creative and innovative one. Basically every sequences in this movie uses an unique set-up, that also use some great innovative movie techniques in them, since the entire movie is basically being a dream-like hallucinative trip.

The main concept got based on an early newspaper comic strip, so with some imagination this movie is being one of the very first comic book adaptation, if not the first. Later on some more movies based on this comic would appear, with as a difference that those got animated and were something that the cartoonist and animator Winsor McCay himself was involved with as well.

It's a movie that is being played out as a comedy. It's not the sort of comedy that will make you laugh but it's more the sort of short movie that amuses you throughout, though I'm still sure it had its audience laughing, back in 1906.

An amusing early, experimental, short, from the Edison studios.


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