(Review originally written at 2 August 2007)

Seemed to me that Tim Conway isn't a bad comedian at all but the script he had to work with provided him very little interesting or funny to do. Ironic, since he was one of the scriptwriters himself.

The concept of the movie was good enough to still provide the movie with some great comical moments and characters but yet they decided to choose a very uninteresting approach with a very uninteresting story-line about a couple of dog-nappers. It just doesn't work out, especially not comically.

The comical sequences also go on for far too long. They get stretched out so much that they simply seize to be funny very quick. The movie does still has one or two really funny moments but this is of course all not quite enough to save the movie.

The directing is very lifeless and the editing makes the movie seem all the worse. It makes the comedy feel even more awkward and takes the pace and flow out of a lot of sequences. No wonder editor Avrum M. Fine only made 5 (very bad) movies in his career.

Really not worth watching.


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