(Review originally written at 2 August 2007)

It feels like the movie was trying to hard to be comical, with formulaic predictable comical moments, fast directing and editing and a typical comical musical score, that desperately tries to make some sequences look and feel more comical. The movie comically mostly relies on cheap gay jokes. With handling gay subjects in American movies always feel 10 years behind in time. It doesn't make the story and movie feel like the most original or clever one. The movie does have its fun and humorous moments but its not ever anything too hilarious. Luckily the movie does work better on its romantic levels. In that regard this movie is a pretty enjoyable and sweet one.

It's still a well made movie. Seems to me that Damon Santostefano really is not bad director. Things flow well and it makes this movie a rather enjoyable 98 minutes. The movie has the power to make you forget how incredibly formulaic it all is while you're watching it but in the end you'll realize that this movie really isn't the best or most original movie around in its genre. Also the standard bittersweet ending doesn't help much to this.

Matthew Perry isn't good enough to carry this movie. It was just too much his Chandler role from "Friends" all over again. It was as if he wasn't even trying to play a totally different comedy character. A different haircut is simply just not enough. Dylan McDermott on the other hand was simply good in his role and so was Neve Campbell, whose career unfortunately seems to go nowhere. But the supporting cast is perhaps even better and more impressive with high caliber actors such as Oliver Platt, John C. McGinley, Rick Gomez and Bob Balaban, though they certainly aren't their best playing comical roles, with the exception of John C. McGinley. who is great in basically every kind of role. Too bad his and other roles in the movie are too insignificant.

Very well watchable, despite being not the best or most original in its genre.


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