(Review originally written at 1 August 2007)

Although this movie is obviously aimed toward children with its story and characters, adults shall also be drawn into the movie and its story.

Sweet likable characters, an adventurous story. Really, what is there not to like about this movie?

It's a Japanse animated movie, based on the TV-series "Moomin". The animation style is typically Japanse and so are all of the characters. So the fans of the genre shall surely not be disappointed by this movie. You don't really must have watched an episode of "Moomin" before watching this movie. It's a story on its own and can be watched separately from the TV-series.

The story is simple and it purely relies on its characters and adventurous, though formulaic, elements of the movie. No, the movie doesn't ever surprises at any point but yet the story works out, thanks to its pace and storytelling and really likable characters. It also still has its great and unique moments, such as the part when the comet is about to hit the Earth, which is done surprisingly tense and provides the movie with a good finale.

The movie is greatly fun and humorous and makes sure that it never becomes too serious and therefor never really too scary for to watch for young children. It perhaps sometimes goes at the expense of the movie its tension and predictability but so be it.

Doesn't matter if you're a child or adult, this movie is a great one to watch!


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